Our History

The Company
Grange Park Limited is categorized as a caterer in the food and beverage industry as well as being a provider in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) category. The Parent Company, Usafi Services Limited, is a Private Limited Liability Company, incorporated in Kenya in the year 1984, bringing together with it a wealth of experienced investors with diverse academic backgrounds ranging from Sanitary Engineering, Law, Marketing, Finance, and Administration. This recipe has provided a strong foundation on which the Company continues to build on, in providing quality products and services to our customers. The Company is mainly involved in the distribution of Grange Park Drinking Water within the East Africa region.


In its genesis, Usafi Services Limited began by supplying clean and safe water to its neighbors in the Karen locality. The demand for this provision of hygienic water kept growing exponentially, expanding beyond the Karen area, due to the lack of water flowing into the taps of residential households and business premises. Guided by the Company’s noble belief to share natural resources, they assisted in a small way, helping where and how they could to deliver this resource.


From here, the Founders of the Company came upon a gallant idea. After a few years of this browser business, the concept of bottling and distributing drinking water that was “So Safe, So Pure, So Clear, You Can See Through The Label!” was conceived. The Grange Park plant was therefore commissioned in January 2002 with the sole purpose of providing consumers with our quality drinking water products, an onward journey that is 18 years and counting, in the making.