About Us

The Company
Grange Park Drinking Water is one of the largest bottled water brands in Kenya. Since its inception, Grange Park has garnered the expertise, modern technology, and processes to supply high-quality drinking water to its customers, with its distinguishing hallmark being the pristine quality of its drinking water.
Grange Park Drinking Water is processed and packaged in one of East Africa’s best bottling plants, equipped with European Standard machinery. Grange Park specializes in the purification, filtration, bottling, distribution, and supply of superior drinking water all over the nation.
The entire operation is 30% solar sufficient with plans to grow this to 55% by 2022.
The Company aims to source as many products as possible within a 30 km radius of our plant to reduce our carbon footprint even further.
For general cleaning around the factory, Grange Park harvests up to 140,000 litres of rainwater in an underground reservoir on site.
Having its headquarters in Karen, Nairobi, Grange Park has distribution centers across the country, which accompanied by its own fleet of vehicles, makes prompt deliveries to all corners of the country, ensuring complete customer satisfaction.
With teams of well-trained staff, advanced production, and analytical technologies, Grange Park Drinking Water is committed to supplying safe, healthy, and premium quality products that are So Safe, So Pure, So Clear, You Can See Through The Label!
Grange Park Drinking Water Solar Project